May. 6th, 2014

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Title: Broken Images
Season: 3
General, Action, AU
Tissues – lots of tissues.
Who was the handsome stranger brought to the mental institution in the dead of night – and what terrible tragedy from his past had reduced him to a broken, empty shell?
Total Word Count: 29,284
Total Chapters: 6
Chapter 1 Word Count: 4823
Beta: ziggyuk
Story Banner: Chasidern

Awards: People’s Choice 2008 1st Place; SN.TV Fanfiction Awards 2008 Best Future Fic; Supernaturalville Unscripted Genius Awards 2008 Best Sam Story.

Awards Banners: Sensue for People’s Choice, Saiyuki for SN.TV Best Future, Bambers (I think?) For UnGen Best Sam.

Story Notes: This is the story that ended my days of flying happily under the radar. And you know...I still can’t quite figure out why. I am continually surprised by the interest this thing garners – it was even the topic of discussion by a group of British SPN fanfic writers during their annual get-together sometime after the story was posted. Even my beta...well, that’s a separate story in itself, is her reaction – lol. See, when Ziggy agreed to be my beta, she promised me that she wouldn’t pressure me for chapters....until this story. And truth be told, I had serious doubts as to whether the thing would even work! I sent her the first chapter with a note saying for her to be completely honest with me and tell me if it wasn’t worth posting up. Her reply went something like this: “I know I said I would never beg you for more chapters, but PLEASE tell me you’ve got more written! I have to know what happens next!!!!!!”

And despite scattering a couple of clues (albeit somewhat oblique) through the story, I kept everyone guessing until the final chapter as to who was who in the zoo. Ah, well – the cat’s out of the bag now, I suppose. But there were some truly novel guesses, and a few readers actually bounced back and forth in their guess as each chapter was posted and the story got a bit more twisty. And I have to say, I sniggered a wee bit to myself while reading the reviews, because of course I knew already who it was...*grins evilly*.

The usual thanks goes to my wonderful back-up team: ziggyuk for the beta-ing, and Chasidern for the bannering. And partway through the story, I had help from a fellow Aussie fanfic writer from down in Victoria, whose penname is sadly lost along with my original notes, but whom I must still thank for her help with technicalities of the particular affliction I chose for the story.




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