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Title: Drunk
Season: 10
Category: General, Action, One-shots, Missing Scenes, Tags
Warning: Contains spoilers for Season Ten up to and including 10x03 Soul Survivor
Tagline: "So, I'm just gonna go grab my brother some cholesterol. And then I'm gonna get drunk." Sam Winchester, Episode 10x03 Soul Survivor.

Total Word Count: 6919
Total Chapters: 1
Beta: [personal profile] ziggyuk 
Story Banner: Chasidern

I know I've been AWOL of late....again....no excuse for the first two weeks of November apart from real life. But for last week and this week I do have a really good excuse - I've been working on something new.

My furry little plot bunny bit me repeatedly after episode 10x03, and I put this together, sent it off to my beta who was almost beside herself with joy, then thought of a hundred things I should have added to it, so sat down and tweaked the whole thing before resending it to my ever-so-patient beta.

So here it is - final editing done, but as I'm a chronic tweaker, all mistakes are mine because I just can't stop fiddling with things.

Many thanks to my super team: the incomparable [personal profile] ziggyuk for her magic editing, and the award-winning Chasidern for another pretty damned spectacular banner.
Thanks also to the website Forever Dreaming - http://foreverdreaming.org/ - for the transcripts of the episodes, from which I got the dialogue quoted in the story. I usually get my transcripts from Supernatural Wiki, but they haven't put up any for Season 10 as yet.

Making no profit out of this - just playing in Kripke's lovely sandbox with his pretty toys for the sheer pleasure of doing so.





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