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Title: Concussed – And Loving It
Season: 3
Category: General, Action, One-Shots, Humour
Warnings: Could stimulate your funny bone
Tagline: Concussion can be fun...
Winner: Best Humour 2008 on SN.TV and Supernaturalville
Total Word Count: 4450
Total Chapters: 1
Beta: [personal profile] ziggyuk 
Story Banner: Chasidern
Awards Banner SN.TV: hobbleit
Awards Banner Supernaturalville: Bambers

This is basically me on painkillers – lol. I hurt my back lifting something the wrong way, and was pretty much confined to a chair with an ice-pack for a few hours. And while I was sitting there doped up on the strongest over-the-counter Panadol we could find, and being totally bored because I could barely move...my freaky little brain came up with this little plot bunny.

I virtually wrote it in one sitting...pun intended – see above, confined to a chair. Then spent the next week tweaking it all over the place. And I was surprised and very, very pleased when it won Best Humour 2008 on both sites I’d originally posted it to. It tied with my A to Z of Demonology on SN.TV, actually. *blush, blush*

Anyway, on with it. Thanks as always to my banner-maker and beta - Chasidern and Ziggy. Awesome job, girls. And the usual disclaimer applies – no profit, yadda-yadda, just playing in the sandbox.


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