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Title: Tears On My Shoulder
Season: 9
General, Action, One Shots, Missing Scenes
Warnings: Contains spoilers for Season 9, and speculation for the finale.
Inspired by a comment from Jensen Ackles during an interview about the Season 9 finale.
Total Word Count: 4892
Total Chapters: 1
Beta: ziggyuk
Story Banner: Chasidern

Yikes....this plot bunny came from not one, but three different sources...savage little beast... The first source was episode 9x22, the second was the abovementioned interview with Jensen, and the third source was the preview clip from the finale itself.

The rest was my usual runaway imagination putting together some pieces, creating others, tossing it all in a bowl like a salad, and then slapping it into a Word document. Which I stayed up all last night writing, and sent it off to my wonderful beta and supernatural sis just after 5.00 this morning.

And then I crashed...for an hour. Then we had to drive to the southside of Brissie – actually all the way down to Logan – to look at a pushbike. *sigh*

But this particular bunny just wouldn’t leave me alone. I was actually in bed, reading, when the plot bunny started gnawing at my brain (suppose it must have been part zombie, eh?), and it just wouldn’t let go. So I got back up, grabbed the laptop, turned the modem back on because I needed dialogue from the preview clip, and banged away until daybreak.

As usual, stuff like this doesn’t happen overnight – haha. The usual thanks with cream and cherries on top goes to my awesome beta, ziggyuk, for zooming through it and having it back to me in just over two hours. Not bad considering she’s ten hours behind me and on the other side of the globe. And of course, cream and cherries to my aunt, aka Chasidern, who is busy making the banner as I type. It won’t be ready for posting up with the story, but as soon as it’s done, I’m going to be hitting that ‘Edit’ button.

But I wanted to – well, have to, actually – get this up before the finale makes it completely AU in oh....about two to three days time.

Hope you enjoy this little side trip courtesy of my overactive imagination and freaky muse.





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