Sep. 26th, 2014

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Title: That’s What Big Brothers are For
Season: 2
Category: General, Action, Horror/Demon
Warnings: Not really...
Sam is plagued by multiple visions of Dean burning alive, leading the brothers into a dangerous hunt that could have dire repercussions for the young psychic.
Set just before the Season 2 episode Roadkill

Total Word Count: 52,676
Chapter 1 Word Count: 5944
Total Chapters: 9
Beta: ziggyuk
Story Banner: Chasidern

Awards Banner: Saiyuki
Winner: SN.TV Best Horror/Demon 2008 you were beginning to think I’d never come back.....geez, I was beginning to worry about that myself.....*looks chagrined*

Welcome to That’s What Big Brothers are For.

I got the idea for this story around the time that Born Under a Bad Sign screened in the US. From the ads, some comments on the SN.TV website and my own over-active imagination, I wrote a few lines down and contacted a fellow Aussie SPN fan – Aussiemel – to ask her about the episode. I wanted to use a few lines from Dean and Sam’s phone call at the beginning of the episode in the fic. The one-shot was written almost in its entirety when I realised, after talking to Mel, that I could actually flesh it out into a full multi-chapter story.

However it sat in the folder for months, incomplete and neglected, while my fickle muse herded me into other projects. Finally she pointed her spindly little finger back at it, and so I dusted off the cobwebs and finished it. At last.

So here is the result. The original one-shot is still in the story, with only a few minor tweaks to make it fit, but it’s ended up way down in the epilogue instead of being the main thrust of the whole fic.

Thanks goes to Mel, though, for helping me out way back then. I’m sure she thought the damned thing would never get finished.

I’d also like to give a shout-out to Cindy123, a friend and fellow fanfic writer. At the time I started working on Big Brothers in earnest, Cindy had her second story – Combustible – going. And as it got towards the ending, I saw elements in her fic which were the same or very, very similar to what I had in mine. So I did the only courteous thing and PM’d her, telling her what I was working on and asking her permission to continue. And she very kindly gave it. So thanks, Cindy, once again.

Oh, and it won Best Horror/Demon in the 2008 SN.TV Fanfiction Awards. I’m pretty well chuffed about that.

And one final bit of trivia....this was the story that started my auntie Chris, whom a number of you know better as Chasidern, on her path to creating SPN artwork. The one she did for this story was her first ever Supernatural story banner.

Right, I’ve burbled on enough, apart from thanking my usual support crew of Ziggy and Chasidern for beta and banner. Go, girls!



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